Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Save Social Security From the SuperCommittee

A Recent report from the NY Times and other sources suggest that the stupidcommittee is prepared to cut Social Security and not increase taxes on the one percent.  A vast majority of Americans believe we need to raise taxes on the 1%, but as usual congress isn't listening to the people.  Surprisingly, congress is listening to the 1%. 

Paul Krugman:
I thought I had worked out all the worst-case scenarios for the supercommittee (there was never a best-case). But this is even worse than my worst imagining: a deal to undermine key social insurance programs in return for a promise that Congress will come up with a plan for raising revenue at some future date. If you think that promise has any credibility whatsoever – if you have any doubts that the end result would be to gut Social Security and actually cut taxes for the wealthy... has a petition:
 Our goal is to send a message that cuts to Social Security come with hell to pay from voters.
 Click Here to Tell Congress No Cuts to Social Security Sign MoveOn's petition. 

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