Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Al Jazeera English

At the beginning of the Arab spring, I was glued to Al Jazeera.  Watching it live on my laptop.  You can watch Al Jazeera live online here.  Often, I was very frustrated with the lack of adequate US media coverage of middle east events.  I called my satellite company which was direct TV, no one there had heard of Al Jazeera.  I could understand a small cable company not knowing what Al Jazeera was but a satellite company? 
I called several times even talking to a supposed vice-president once.  They just were'nt interested.  Strangely, there is only one small cable company in the midwest that carries Al Jazeera.   I was happy to see this petition to make Comcast carry Al Jazeera but I'm not optimistic.  Unfortunately, they all carry Fox. 

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