Sunday, August 21, 2011

Depression Era Soup Line Protest at Reicherts Mercer Island Office: a success

Photo by Chad Coleman Mercer Island Reporter
The "where are the jobs" protest at Rep. Dave Reicherts office on August 18, drew a crowd of 200 and also was excellently covered by the Mercer Island Reporter., Working Washington, Service Employees International Union (SEIU),  Rebuild the Dream, Center for Community Change and FUSE Washington were among the participants and organizers. The turnout for this event was more than double the last one held on the 10th of august.  We need to keep this up until Washington creates a jobs bill.  The "leaders" in DC are on vacation, in 5 minutes they could have tripled the funding for AmeriCorps for literally pennies.  The infrastructure is there and AmeriCorps could start hiring people immediately.  But they have done nothing.  
Here is a video from Working Washington covering the protest

The full story and lots of pictures from the Mercer Island Reporter
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