Friday, August 19, 2011

Republicans, holding onto the past and blocking our future

image from NOAA
Every red dot on this map is a record high daytime temperature, every yellowish dot is a record nighttime high temperature.  This map just represents the month of July.  So many records were set in the month of July that this map clearly shows the outline of the USA.  These high temperatures are very hard on the elderly and all those who cannot afford air conditioning.  It's sad that so many of our political leaders do not believe the climate data showing a warming trend on the earth.  We look to our leaders to lead, instead many of them have their heads bowed in conversations with imaginary deities while their ears are cocked toward oil and coal industries instead of reading the latest climate change papers.  Republicans true to  their coal, oil and gas palm liners have consistently fought, fuel efficient vehicles, clean air regulations and almost all green energy programs.  The republicans are heavily weighted against the future and want to hold onto the past.   If Henry Ford was trying to bring automobiles to the American public today, the republicans representing the horse and buggy industry would do everything in their power to make sure that those new fangled darn contraptions wouldn't see wide usage.  They would provide tax deductions for livery stables, farm subsidies to hay and oat growers, reduce taxation on all horse breeders, and similarly would place restrictions on the usage of automobiles.  Sound familiar?  Just stand near a republican, you can smell the horse manure.

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