Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eric Cantor (R-V) Hypocrite(H)

 The 5.8 earthquake that rocked the northeastern part of the country this week was centered on Eric Cantor's district.  Fortunately, no fatalities occurred and most damage was minor.  Eric Cantor had this to say on inspecting the damage in his district:
“Obviously the problem is most people in Virginia don’t have earthquake insurance. That is going to be a hardship. If there needs to be money from the federal government, we’ll find the money.”
Contrast this can do attitude with this Cantor "can't" quote after the total devastation and the over 155 fatalities that occurred in Joplin, Mo. this spring due to an F5 tornado:  
Cantor stated “if there is support for a supplemental, it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental.” The term “pay-fors” means either tax increases or spending cuts, and given the fact that the Republican leadership has repeatedly stated they will not support raising taxes, that leaves only the cutting option.
Translated this means, if enough people ask for money, we cut money from some other programs then we can help the people of Mo. but that's the only way we'll help.  This is the same congressperson that voted for two wars on the credit card but won't do anything to help the people of  Joplin, Mo. without cuts someplace else.  But when it's his district: "We'll find the money."  Are the people of Virginia happy to be represented in Congress by an individual concerned only with his own ideology and reelection prospects rather than the well being of our entire nation?   Eric Cantor also tried to cut money for the USGS ( the seismologists), NOAA (hurricane monitoring and warnings) and the national weather service because, don't you know, Government is the problem.
*Update 8/25/11, Correction and Apology to Eric Cantor*

After hearing Eric Cantor's remarks yesterday I felt he was willing to find money for his own district even though he wasn't willing to find money without cuts for Joplin.  Today, Eric Cantor made it perfectly clear that there will be no help for the people of his district without budget cuts someplace else.  His spokesperson made this statement:
"We aren't going to speculate on damage before it happens, period," his spokesperson Laena Fallon emails. "But, as you know, Eric has consistently said that additional funds for federal disaster relief ought to be offset with spending cuts."
I apologize to Eric Cantor for calling him a hypocrite.  Clearly, Eric Cantor is as heartless and uncaring about the people in his district as he is of the people of Joplin, Mo.  

Sign Credo's petition telling Eric Cantor stop blocking disaster relief funds
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  1. I guess I missed the petition. I don't think that Eric will be reelected. He even bullies everybody else. He's clearly "not there". I used to live in VA, and I would have never voted for him. Mark Warner and Tim Cain are very commendable ex governors. They are assets and bright stars being potential Democratic Presidential candidates. Mark is a wonderful successful businessman as well. I love Obama, but he was not my first choice for President. I was so disappointed that Mark didn't run for President. He was thinking about it, but decided not to run. He surely would give Mitt Romney a run for his money. Obama is a good man, but he gave the people what they wanted. They voted these nutcases in office, so he decided to make a bipartisan deal and set the example. It was the worse decision he could have made, and I know he's kicking himself too. He said "never again will I renew these cuts". So you can rest assure that these are not Obama's business policies. He proved that cuts and no taxes starve our country. When this is all over in Nov.2012, I doubt any Americans will be voting for these clowns. Romney and Perry are liars, and it will really come out in the debates. Romney lies that he never raised taxes in MA. Wrong...he never cut the increased Capital gains tax when he got into office. He closed corporate loopholes, taxed gas, charged fees on everything but the kitchen sink, and accepted $500 million in Federal Grants. This paid down the deficit, and balanced his budget. He cut spending in education. There was even Romney Care. He got Ted Kennedy's endorsement regarding this. It's ironic that he had a Democratic controlled Congress. That's why he made progress. Perry used billions of Stimulus Money...that bill that didn't create all those jobs he touted. He balanced his budget, and paid down the deficit. Unfortunately, the poor and elderly aren't doing well there. He surely isn't being touted as too good of a governor. What's sad is that these conservatives are planning to make Obama a one term President. Personally, I think, that by the time the end of 2012 comes around, and we're in the voting booths, the Republicans will be out of office. They clearly can't govern without the Democrats. I would rather tax and spend, then borrow and spend. Oh, the Republicans can only now cut and spend which equals UNEMPLOYMENT. It will be a lot higher and they're going to blame Obama...RIGHT !! Obama/Biden 2012

  2. Anon, thanks for your informative comments. I hope your correct about Eric Cantor's reelection chances. Romney did a decent job as governor, sad to see him throw and lie it all away, in his hope to court the tea party. Perry, yeah, he's been a disaster for all but the very rich. "the Republicans will be out of office", lots of average folks are going to be working very hard to make your prediction come true.