Friday, August 5, 2011

Stop Voting for Dicks

I get mail from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY):Official photo of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (...                      Image via Wikipedia

Here are some sad statistics:
  • I am one of just 17 women in the Senate.
  • Just 17% of all members of Congress are women.
  • There are currently only six women governors in the US today.
  • Fewer than 25% of state legislature seats are filled by women.
These are trends we absolutely must reverse. That is why I created Off The Sidelines, to mobilize women and make their voices heard. The best way to make sure our values are represented is if we run and win.

That's what I did in ’06 and what Kathy Hochul did this year. And that's what five strong Democratic women are doing in the Wisconsin recall elections against Scott Walker's allies next Tuesday – just four days away.

Five amazing women need your immediate support in the final hours to win on Tuesday. It’s time to get off the sidelines.

Click here to rush a contribution to these five extraordinary women on ActBlue. They’re fighting back in Wisconsin, and it’s time for us to get off the sidelines and win.

Well put, Senator.   If the secretary of HHS was a conservative republican male, instead of Kathleen Sibelius do you think he would  approve No co-pays for birth control?  
If the state legislatures across the country were at least 50% female do you think planned parenthood facilities would be closing all across the country?
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has vetoed restrictive, unnecessary and condescending abortion legislation in her state, only to have her veto overode by one vote.  If the North Carolina legislature was 50% female could the republicans  have overturned her veto?

Here's the 5 Democratic Pro-choice women running against the David Koch and Karl Rove backed republicans.  They could use a hand.

 Instead of Pro-Wealthy, Pro-Corporate, Anti-Family Republicans lets have some Pro-Middle Class, Pro-family and Pro-education female candidates in Wisconsin.

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