Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dylan Ratigan, gets mad about the corruption of wall street and its influence on our politics

 As a regular viewer of Dylan Ratigan I saw this live.  I have learned a lot listening to Dylan and was surprised to see the normally analytic and calm broadcaster go into a rant.  All Americans can understand Dylan's frustration at the functional flaws in society that makes it impossible to deal with our problems.  Most of us feel the same way.  If you look at the chart below and your not mad as hell, then your in the top 1% income bracket in the nation.   Please be sure and read Jane Hamsher's post it's excellent. 

Jane Hamsher has the best single statement on our current economic mess ever:
Film producer, author, and blogger Jane Hamsher                            Image via Wikipedia"We’re in a class war.  The rich are getting wealthy at the expense of everyone else, raping and pillaging both the economy and the middle class. Things continue to get better for them as they get worse for you, and both parties are complicit in making that happen".

Dylan posts a column on HuffPo calmly explaining his frustration and his hopes
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