Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stand with Warren Buffet

Earlier this week, multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett published a powerful op-ed in The New York Times with a simple message: Tax me!
Buffett said openly what all of us have been thinking--Washington needs to "stop coddling the super-rich."
The op-ed is already making a huge splash, but we need to make sure Congress can't ignore it. So we're joining with Rebuild the Dream and aiming to get 200,000 people to go on record saying that they stand with Warren Buffett and want the richest Americans to pay their fair share.
A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your senators and representative.
 Sign the petition to Congress: stop coddling the super-rich and tax millionaires and billionaires

While the middle class and poor have been losing income, the top 1% have raked in all the gains from our society for the last 30 years.  Our infrastructure, education, research and science are all suffering, we can't afford to let the 1% not pay their fair share.  

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