Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homeless in Seattle

Photo by author. you can click on photo to enlarge in order to see Eugene's clever construction

I saw this man today, with a sign looking for food money.  His name is Eugene, and he didn't want his picture taken but he gave me permission to photograph his bicycle and all of his possessions.  His cart is hand made from scrap, I loved the cardboard fender he created to keep the spray off his pants when it rains.  Organized, clean and well groomed, that's hard to do when your homeless.  He sure could use a job.  It's been 10 years that we have had the "magical low tax rates on the mythical job creators" and there are no jobs.  For the millions like Eugene who have no voice and no lobbying in DC it's time to raise revenues.
45.8 million Americans are getting food stamps. That is a record.  14-20 million unemployed and the republicans have held a majority in congress for 8 months and not one single jobs bill.  Instead, of raising taxes on millionaires, billionaires and oil companies the republicans want to tax and remove services for people like Eugene.  Oh, yes, lets keep the deduction for corporate jets. 
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