Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Church Lady Belforti" refusing to sign marriage licenses

Part of the responsibilities of a Town Clerk involves issuing marriage licenses.  Ledyard, New York has a town clerk that is refusing to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples.  What's next for Ms. Belforti, refusing to sign licenses for mixed race marriages.   Perhaps she might have a grudge against Muslims, could she then refuse to grant licenses for Muslim couples wishing to marry?  We can't have our elected officials picking and choosing which of our laws to follow, they do their job or they quit.  Simple.  If you feel as strongly about this as I do, please sign the letter and send a message to all the elected "church ladies" across the country do your job, church and state do not belong together. 
From PFAW:
This weekend we demanded that the Town Clerk of Ledyard, New York, Rose Marie Belforti, sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples looking to marry -- as the law dictates she must do -- or resign.

Belforti had previously stated that she would not sign licenses for same-sex couples and refused to do so for one couple on August 30. Even after numerous residents voiced their objections to the clerk's position at a town meeting just last night, it was clear that Ms. Belforti is sticking to her refusal to issue licenses and has no intention of resigning.

PFAW Foundation is stepping up the pressure with a petition to Town Clerk Belforti that will help us focus more attention on this issue. Please add your name to it right now!
Ms. Belforti,
Public officials can't pick and choose what laws they want to follow. This year the State of New York made the decision to recognize the fundamental rights of gay and lesbian New Yorkers by finally allowing all couples to have equal access to the protections only marriage provides. We must be able to trust in our elected officials to uphold the people's laws.
I demand that you do your job, follow the law and sign ALL legal marriage licenses, or resign from office and make way for someone who will do the job and respect the law.
Sign the Petition by PFAW: Equality is the Law
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