Friday, September 9, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott [R, Fl.] Worst Governor ever

According to a survey commissioned by the conservative website Sunshine State News, Gov. Rick Scott sits with a 27 percent approval rating, with  58 percent disapproving of the job he’s doing.[1.]

After a hotly contested online summertime election, with tens of thousands of votes streaming in from across the country, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has been elected Worst Governor Ever by the American people. Scott’s rejection of high-speed rail funding, attacks on teachers’ unions and billions of dollars in cuts to the middle class, while creating tax breaks for the rich, proved to be a very successful campaign strategy in the race for Worst Governor Ever. Gov. Scott beat out many close competitors, including Texas Gov. and now presidential candidate Rick Perry, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the man some say started it all, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
After the Worst Governor Ever election results are certified this week, Gov.  Scott will soon be inaugurated as The Worst Governor Ever, live in person, officially kicking off his term as America’s Worst Governor Ever.

[1.]  News service Florida
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