Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Warrens Buffet's Secretary

72% of Americans want those making over 250,000 dollars a year to pay a higher rate in taxes than they currently pay. The top 2% are paying the lowest tax rate in 50 years, its way past time to change that. The republicans keep up the same old tired lie, "don't tax the job creators". We haven't been taxing the job creators for 10 years, there are no jobs and we are deeply in debt. If low taxes stimulated job growth, then we should be swimming in jobs. If the private sector can't generate job growth then the government must. The wealthy should be paying the same rate as average American's, and the additional revenue will pay for the jobs bill. The next time a republican says "we can't tax the job creators" please slap them and remind them that getting slapped for stupidity is much easier to bear than 18 months without a job.

It’s Not Class Warfare; It’s Math (contact your senators and congressperson to act on jobs here)

Stand with President Obama on the "Buffet Rule", sign here
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