Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elizabeth Warren to Run for Senate

Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the Congressiona...Image via WikipediaElizabeth Warren just announced that she is running for the Democratic nomination in Massachusetts to run against the republican Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate.  This will be a great test of populism versus moneyed interested.   Scott Brown (R) already has 10 million dollars in his campaign war chest and Wall Street will do all it can to ensure that Ms. Warren is not elected to the senate.  70,000 Americans signed a Progressive Change Campaign Committee petition urging Ms. Warren to run for Senate. 
We sorely need more fighters in the Senate working with us to pass a progressive agenda.   Paul Wellstone used to say he could use 10 more Senate allies -- "or one Elizabeth Warren."[1.]
Elizabeth Warren's homepage, you can sign up for updates here or donate
[1.] Bold Progressives
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