Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Sweetheart Deal for Wall Street on Mortgage Fraud

 From and Rebuild the Dream:
The banks behind the mortgage crisis are looking for a way out, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants to hand them one.
There's a deal in the works that would let Wall Street banks get away scot-free, giving them immunity from investigation and prosecution of crimes like falsifying documents, encouraging bad loans, and lying to investors. In return they'd pay $20 billion—a fraction of what they could truly owe—and regulators would lose their leverage to help homeowners.

If we want to save the American Dream we need to show that big banks will be held accountable for these crimes, and a few state attorneys general are doing just that. Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden, the attorneys general of New York and Delaware, have said they won't settle with the banks without doing a real investigation into the fraud and corruption.
Standing with homeowners against bullying by big banks is part of what the American Dream Movement is about. We can stand up and stand behind the state attorneys general who are fighting to expose the crimes that caused the collapse.
A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
 Sign the Petition here:
Progressives United has a way to call your State Attorney 's General and demand they stop the deal to give immunity to wall street.

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