Friday, September 30, 2011

Hermain Cain, I'm white, but I've been brainwashed too!!

Herman Cain
"Many African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view"

A conservative point of view includes:, the complete disregard for any scientific evidence regarding global climate change, eliminating medicaid, replacing medicare with a voucher system, handing over social security to wall street, eliminating the EPA, eliminating the Dept. of Education, cutting heating oil subsidies for the elderly, eliminating funds for public education, the destruction of unions, elimination of the minimum wage, no taxes or very low taxes on corporations and the wealthy, restricting the voting rights of the poor and minority groups, eliminating all federal regulations, deportation of all illegal "aliens", support any and all gun rights, adulation of Ayn Rand, watching Fox news, control over every female's reproductive organs, opposition to "Obama care" and to a Single payer system or any regulations at all on the health care insurance Industry, and for war.

I admit freely that these conservative, selfish, childish and un-humanitarian points of  view have been washed completely out of my brain (Honestly, unlike you, I never let the infestation go unchecked).  My brain, like most of African-americans is clean, fresh and unpolluted from the stale, selfish and usually sexist conservative point of view.  Constant attention to mental hygiene keeps your brain clean, but Herman its not too late.  You too can have a clean, fresh and unpolluted brain.  When your driving down a dusty road, you roll up your windows, to keep your car clean.  Similarly, when Fox is on, or republicans are speaking roll up the windows of your mind, so you don't get dirty.  Herman, change your public associations, try and see yourself in others and dust off your heart and listen to it.   A mind functioning without the heart, is robotic or conservative. 

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