Friday, September 23, 2011

Remove all military troops and civilian contractors from the country of Afghanistan within six months

I apologize for putting a broken link to the petition on the "We the People" website.  The first petition I've ever written and then post a broken link.  This was my mistake, it's definitely embarrassing and I apologize for the inconvenience.   It's fixed now.  

I've been promoting petitions on this website for a few months now but have never written one.  When the White House started their new "we the people" website, I logged on ready to sign a petition to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. None were available, so I wrote one, if you would like to help bring our troops and military contractors home from Afghanistan, click the link, create your account, and then sign or write your own petitions to the government. 

Remove all troops and civilian contractors from Afghanistan within 6 months

We have been fighting and pouring money into Afghanistan for over 10 years. The nation is tired of war. The only thing we have to show for our blood, tears and money is a corrupt Afghan government and at home a failing economy, fading infrastructure and gridlock in our nations capitol. The Obama administration eliminated Bin Laden, its time to leave Afghanistan. Millions of Americans are unemployed, living in poverty and without healthcare. These Americans are more important than illusory goals in Afghanistan and represent a greater threat to the health and stability of our country than 100 Al Qaeda. Please bring our troops home and all the military contractors too.

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