Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rep. Fleming (R-LA) I only have 200,000 dollars to feed my family

Rep. Fleming (R-LA) appeared on MSNBC to protest President Obama's plan to raise revenues by enforcing the "Buffet Rule", ensuring that wealthy people pay the same tax rate that middle class families do. He complained that this job killing proposal would hit, very hard, the "job creators". Rep. Fleming moaned that after subtracting the 200,000 dollars it takes to feed his family, he only has 400,000 dollars left over after he pays his taxes. Rep. Fleming represents Louisiana where 66% of public school children are on free or reduced lunch programs. 20% of the citizens of his state have no health insurance. His state is 2nd in number of citizens living below the poverty line, with over a million residents living on 22,000 dollars to feed a family of four. With the current tax rates on the wealthy in place for over 10 years and almost 10% unemployment, where are the jobs? If low tax rates create jobs, there should be a surplus of jobs. I can't believe that people are still spinning the lie that low tax rates create jobs. Where is the evidence? Rather, the evidence of the last 10 years is that low tax rates create an environment with very few jobs and many of those jobs are low paying, minimum wage jobs.  John Stewart rightly skewers this unaware, selfish, unfeeling Koch powered robot representative from the state of Louisiana.  
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