Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another casualty of the NBC/Comcast merger

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 Cenk Uygur is out at MSNBC.  Cenk is unique, an interesting and intelligent host and a great interviewer.   He co-founded the successful online show "the Young Turks". Many "journalists" will sit idly by while guests spout BS or outright lies, not Cenk.  Cenk has consistently admonished the mainstream media for "going along along to get along". I enjoyed his show on his previous network.   He had good ratings and even beat Fox on occasions.   Cenk, Keith and the facts became just another casualty of the Comcast/NBC merger.  I can hear Phil Griffin the president of MSNBC saying: "We are not news, we are the establishment."
You can still watch Cenk Uygur online here

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