Friday, July 15, 2011

The hounds have the scent and the Fox is running

Newscorp seems to be in a tad bit of discomfort.  Eric Holder who chickened out on holding terrorist trials in civilian courts, took time out from his crusade against pot smoking 16 year old kids and cancer patients, decided that since the FBI had previously announced an investigation of wrong doing by Newscorp, he could also.   Investigations are also underway in England and Australia all focusing on Newscorp, while media coverage in the US has been intensive with, of course, one exception.  This clip from Fox is just hilarious.  Fox anchors have been complaining that it is time to "move on", "their just piling on".  This from the station that for months showed video of two black guys outside a polling place as an "example of voter suppression",  or how about 2 years of daily coverage of the stupid fake birth certificate controversy and lets not forget Fox's Rev. Wright three month carnival.  So pile it on, please pile it on thick, with all the trimmings.
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