Thursday, July 28, 2011

I send mail to Speaker Boehner

 After watching both President Obama and Speaker Boehner give their back to back speeches this week.  I was rather incensed that the Speaker wasn't addressing the issues.  So in the spirit of, "Hey you can do much better than this, I print my letter."  If you want a great letter to send I recommend this letter by SW from Redmond, Wa.
There is nothing wrong with writing and sending your own.  Nothing is more effective than YOUR voice speaking from your unique and individual situation.  Let Washington hear your voice.
Speaker Boehner
What is wrong with you?  You, George Bush and McConnell went on an 8 year credit card spree and now you want to skip out on the bill?  You want the middle class and the elderly to pay for the Bush tax cuts to the rich?  You sir, have lost touch with the average American.  Go find an unemployed person and talk to them.  Find out what is important to the average american not the rich, super rich and with names ending in Koch.  How dare you ask a radio jockey if your plan meets his approval.  Talk to average Americans.  Average means no jets, no yachts, no millions in the bank, no vacation home or no home at all.  Pass the debt ceiling and write a damn jobs bill. 

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