Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wisconsin Senator Dave Hansen thumps repubican challenger

Hansen was one of the "fabulous" 14 Senators who fled the state to stop Scott Walker's attack on workers. That made him the target of Republican recalls and the first of 9 candidates to stand in a general election against one of Scott Walker's hand-picked anti-worker candidates. The result wasn't even close: Hansen crushed VerderLeest, 66% to 34%.  In polling news challenger Fred Clark leads Republican Luther Olsen for the first time since polling began in the race.  In the poll by the Mellman group Clark leads Olsen overall by 2 points.  But among independents Luther Olsen has lost a 12 point lead and now trails by 7.  A 19 point change.

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Here's a link if you'd like to chip in to keep this ad running in Wisconsin

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