Monday, July 25, 2011

A great letter to send to republicans

Last week at the "rebuild the dream" meeting in Redmond, Wa.  I was fortunate to sit next to a wonderful lady who told me about her efforts to contact every republican in congress.  I was impressed with her letter writing campaign.  I was also impressed that she took the initiative to call Senator Orrin Hatch's office.  Even though she was told "tell it to someone who cares" by Orrin Hatch's staff she has perservered.  With her permission I reprint SW's great letter to republican Senators and Representatives.  Maybe we all need to talk to our republican reps and senators and let them know they work for us not the billionaires. SW told me: "It seems that if I talk to Republicans they will hear other voices and realize they are in the minority."  Maybe she's right, its worth trying.
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     Dear Sir:

       This letter is to express that our nation, The United States of America, is a “We” society, not a “Me” society and our forefathers so stated in the Preamble to the Constitution.  Therefore, as an elected representative you need to fight to sustain our “we” society by creating a 90% tax rate on anyone with an annual income of one million dollars and higher. You can also take the lid off the Social Security plan to make it completely sustainable.
       This letter is also to say to you that I realize your ulterior motives in going against everything our President is trying to do.  By doing that you are taking our nation to its demise.  It is time to stop that nonsense and get on track.
       Ravi Batra, Paul Krugman,and David Cay Johnston are economists who have knowledge of our history and suggest increasing taxes on the wealthy, changing our trade policies to include import fees, and bringing an end to NAFTA.  You can consider their ideas and put them into action.
       The small minority of citizens, largely lacking historical knowledge, who share your philosophy, are few in number and are wrong-minded.  As a member of the Democratic Party I am observing your words and actions and am letting you know that you are doing wrong to our nation.  It is time to turn yourself around and do the job of getting us on a solid footing using the above methods.

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