Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Party of small government dictate the size and temperature of your rooms

The RepubliCon[1.] party, supposedly the party of small government, doesn't act that way at all when in power.  In an earlier post, we saw how they were dictating the speech of doctors and what patients must hear.  Now, in Kansas the RepubliCons are legislating the size and temperature of rooms!  Including the size of your janitorial supply closet.   We are not kidding they have regulations concerning a minimum size for your janitorial supply closet(50 feet).
from the Topeka Capitol Journal

"Among other things, the Kansas regulations require rooms where abortions are performed to have at least 150 sq. feet of space, excluding fixed cabinets, and to keep their temperatures between 68 and 73 degrees.  Including separate temperature ranges for recovery (70-75) and procedure (68-73) rooms. 
The regulations total 36 pages. Among other things, they require any physician performing an abortion to have clinical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. They also require each facility to have drugs and equipment to deal with a medical crisis such as a heart attack or an allergic reaction to medication.
They also contain requirements for the building, including dressing rooms for staff that are equipped with a toilet, a sink and a place to store clothes. The procedure rooms are also required to be at least 150 square feet and the recovery area must be at least 80 square feet per patient. 
Each procedure room also must have its own janitor's closet with at least 50 sq. feet."

Governor Sam Brownback and his republi-Con legislature have been writing legislation to remove women's rights over their own bodies.  When will old white republicon males stop writing rules about women's bodies?   Some of their patronizing legislation:
  • Ensure that the parents of a minor are notified before an abortion is provided
  • Ensure the woman has received state-directed counseling – which includes information designed to discourage abortion – and had at least 24 hours to decide before an abortion is performed
  • Ensure public funds are applied only to abortion cases involving life endangerment, rape or incest

Kansas police will have access to women’s medical records.  Give Police access to women's medical records if they have an abortion?  The R in republican stands for Repeal of Rights. 

[1.]  Mitch McConnel and John Boehner are old enough to know that we are the democratic party not the democrat party, yet they persist in calling it the Democrat party.   

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