Monday, July 25, 2011

President Obama asks citizens to contact congress

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President Obama gave a pretty good speech tonight on the debt limit ceiling.  Just a reminder, that for 8 years John Boehner, George Bush, Eric Cantor and McConnel incurred huge debts to our country with 2 wars and the unpaid for Bush tax cuts, now they don't want to pay the bill.  John Boehner was mendacious and insincere.  We need jobs now, all of this talk about the budget ceiling is a distraction from the true problem: Jobs.  Cutting government spending now, unless its defense, is just insane.  Republicans saying that cutting the debt will create jobs is just as stupid as saying cutting taxes creates jobs.  We have done that experiment for the last 10 years and there are no jobs.  The Bush tax cuts, gave the country the lowest tax rates in 35 years and they failed to create jobs.  We are short 20 million jobs, with another 20 million people employed what would that do to the deficit?  The President asked us to let our congressman know what we think.  Lets tell them what we think and ask them what they are doing about jobs.

Eric Cantor: Contact page

Speaker Boehner; Contact page 

Many of the house web servers have crashed, please keep trying
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