Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scott Walker more popular than dentists

Just how unpopular is Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin?  The latest poll shows 59%  of the population disapprove of his performance.  From the video it's clear that its a STRONG disapproval.  State Senator Dave Hansen, who was among the 14 Wisconsin senators who  fled the state in an attempt to stop Walker's union busting agenda just won his recall election by a crushing two to one majority in a high turnout victory for the democrats.  That's one down and 8 more elections to go with only 20 days left.  But that doesn't count Walker's recall election which will have to wait until January because of a state law mandating that a governor must be in an office one year before he can be recalled.  Looks like governor Scott Walker when he signed onto Koch brothers Union Busting agenda also was signing himself into a single one year term as governor.
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