Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Bye Beck, was it the Poop Fairy or ColorofChange?

Jefferson County Sheriff
Glen Beck is gone from Fox news.  Maybe there really is a poop fairy and she took Glenn Beck off the air.   Or it could have been  ColorofChange, CREDO, Media Matters,, as well as StopBeck and Jewish Funds For Justice.   Who tirelessly worked calling out his rascist, divisive and inflammatory speech.  In the end more than 300 advertisers would not support the Glen Beck show.  You can make a difference.  It took a long time but it worked.  A big Thank YOU to everyone who joined their campaigns, and signed their petitions.  Thank you to all the advertiser's who listened to their customers and stopped supporting Beck.

Thank You ColorofChange, Credo,
Media Matters,   Well Done!!
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