Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stop the Republican War on Women in Wisconsin

Democratic Candidates in Wisconsin Left To Right: Jessica King,  Shelley Moore, Nancy Nusbaum, Sandy Pasch, Jennifer Shilling  and Dave Clark (no photo).

Thursday, July 14 was a wonderful day for Democrats in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin republicans put up 6 fake democrats to run in a primary against the real democratic challengers.  All the real democrats won with excellent margins.  Voter turnout was high which bodes well for the August 9 election when the Democratic challengers take it to the recalled republican senators.  Wisconsin voters have the opportunity to send a message to republicans all across the country by recalling 6 republicans and replacing them with 6 democratic senators.  Five of those candidates are pro-choice women who can put a stop to the Republican War on Women in Wisconsin in addition to giving the Wisconsin Senate a Democratic majority.  

Donate to the Wisconsin Democratic Pro-Choice women through Emily's List

Sign Emily's List Petition: I am saying NO to the War on Women and YES to putting five strong, progressive women into the Wisconsin state senate. 

People For the American Way Recall the Right Campaign in Wisconsin Campaign Donation Link

Contribute to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee's official Wisconsin Recall Campaign

Democracy for America has knocked on 13,000 doors in state senate districts 10 and 32 contribute here

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