Monday, July 25, 2011

Contact your Representative and tell them you want a clean debt ceiling vote

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8 days until the US defaults and the Republicans just walked out
Dear Stephen,

One option left: a clean vote to raise the debt ceiling.

obama and Boehner, far apart
Tell your member of Congress to increase the debt ceiling with no cuts, taxes or tricks.
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Last Friday night, House Republicans walked out of debt ceiling talks after making it 100% clear that they would rather see America default and the economy ruined than make millionaires or corporations pay one penny more in taxes.1

Stock markets are dropping already. At many companies, hiring is on hold. And in eight days - we may have to stop mailing out Social Security checks, paying veterans benefits, and effectively shutting down the federal government as America defaults on its debt.2

But there's still ONE chance to avoid calamity:
Congress must vote NOW on a clean increase to the debt ceiling -- no spending cuts, no tax increases, no gimmicks. Just a clean vote that keeps the economy running and guarantees millions of working Americans won't get caught in the partisan crossfire.

Click here to tell your Representative to back a clean increase in the debt ceiling.
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