Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Stop the merger between AT&T and T mobile

Stop the merger between AT&T and T mobile

AT&T wants you to believe that its takeover of T-Mobile would be good for jobs, innovation and the economy, while saving you hundreds of dollars on your mobile bills.
Don't believe the fairy tale.  If this deal goes through, just two companies, AT&T and Verizon, would control nearly 80 percent of the mobile market in America.  With too few choices, mobile phone users would face higher prices, poorer service, and less innovation.
Stop the merger between AT&T and T mobile

The FCC has an abysmal record of following its own guidlines and protecting consumers witness their recent approval of the merger between Comcast and MSNBC.  Al Franken was an adamant opponent as well as millions of Americans.  The FCC approved the merger and Meredith Baker, a FCC commissioner who voted to approve the merger, got a BIG FAT JOB at Comcast/NBC right after the merger was approved. 

Demand Congress investigate Meredith BakerWASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 21:  Federal Communi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
      How the FCC handled the Comcast/NBC merger
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