Sunday, July 10, 2011

NW Roots; Seattle 6/09/11 Comedy Central Underground

Dennis Kucinich terrible photo by author

 The fourth NW Roots Conference was held in Pioneer square last weekend and I was fortunate to attend.  NW Roots Conference is sponsored by the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) and NW roots fellowship.  The conference attendance broke records and was well represented by many young and old progressives.  Rep. Inslee gave a fine speech which unfortunately, I missed.  But I didn't miss the fine speech's by Dennis Kucinich and Jim McDermott.  I even got to shake Dennis Kucinich's hand.  Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich expects to have his seat redistricted away and is looking for another place to represent.  There is no doubt that Dennis is a long time progressive liberal and connected well with the audience.  If you want to know what liberalism is spent 5 minutes listening to Kucinich or Bernie Sanders.  Former Canadian Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh spoke about the wonderful Canadian health care  and 4th Congressional District candidate Jay Clough gave a pretty darn good speech.   The price for the conference was 50 dollars which included breakfast and lunch.  I probably wouldn't have attended because it was impossible for me to do the whole day, but at the last minute they added a 1/2 day price which was great for me.  Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers and progressive activists that made the conference possible.   Great job.
Jim McDermott, another obvious photo by author

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