Friday, July 29, 2011

Sign Alan Grayson's petition to save our Social Safety Net

A lot of people in Washington say that to prevent America's ruin with a debt default, we have to throw seniors and students and struggling families under the bus.

We don't buy it. Tell Congress and the President: Do NOT cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security »

Washington is spinning its wheels. People from both sides of the aisle claim to be speaking for the "American People," yet they plan to steamroll the very programs Americans consistently support and want to balance the budget without making sure rich people and corporations stop getting tax breaks.

Is this the kind of America Washington wants? Where hedge fund managers and oil execs can fly their tax-subsidized private jet to their second mortgage interest-deducted home for vacation while their money continues to pile up in bank accounts? Where, meanwhile, a retired couple forgoes meals at the end of the month because social security runs out and a cancer patient is left to die because her treatment costs more than Medicare or Medicaid is willing to pay for her life?

That is not the America I believe in. But if we're going to prevent a future like that, we need to stand up for our safety net.

Tell Washington to listen to the American people for real and protect the programs

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