Thursday, July 28, 2011

I get progressive mail from Kirsten Gillibrand

Here is a Senator; Kirsten Gillibrand,(D-NY) that effectively vocalizes important values that are worth fighting for.  Yeah, its a fund raising letter, but I'll fund this kind of progressive candidate and I hope you can too.

Dear Stephen,

Cut Medicare. Destroy Social Security, as we know it. Increase the burden for the middle class.

When it comes to solving the serious economic problems our country is facing, the GOP keeps coming back to the same solutions. They expect students, the elderly and hardworking families to pay more, but refuse to require anything of the wealthy and corporate America.

It isn’t right, and it isn’t fair.

I know you’re counting on me to stand up for what we believe in and not allow the Republicans in Congress to ignore the plight of ordinary Americans as they look out for special interests. But I need your help so I can stay in the Senate and keep on working for what’s right.

Click here to contribute today and help me raise $25,000 by July 31. With your support, I can keep on defending programs like Medicare and Social Security and keep on fighting for the middle class.
We’re all concerned about the fate of the Senate next year because we know how important our Senate majority has been to keeping the Republicans’ radical agenda at bay. The fact is, they need just four seats to take control, and my seat is one of those up for grabs.

Take my word: I will not be one of those four seats. So I’m going to fight to stay put and keep standing up to the GOP’s extremist proposals.

As you know, I’ve been in this position before. I’ve already had to protect my seat from the Republicans and I know how hard it is to weather their attacks. That’s why I’ve always come to you for help—and you’ve always been there to support me. I hope you’ll be able to do that once again.

Click here to make a donation to my campaign and help me raise $25,000 by July 31. I really need your help to ensure I keep my seat—and the Democrats keep our majority.

The GOP is certainly persistent in their efforts to slash our social safety net. But I’m even more persistent in protecting it.
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