Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No co-pay birth control for millions of women in America is within reach.

Guys, gals, kids, moms and dads sign this letter.  There is absolutely nothing more basic as preventative healthcare than birth control.  Women should be able to choose whether to become pregnant or not, regardless of any other activities they may, or may not, engage in.   Birth Control gives women control and that is a truly wonderful thing.   Religious activitists and anti-choice fanatics are going to be lobbying the HHS to make sure that birth control without a co-pay is NOT an option.  So sign the letter and have your friends sign it too.  

From Planned parenthood:
We are on the verge of securing birth control with no co-pays for millions of women. The Institute of Medicine has recommended that affordable birth control, as basic preventive health care, be made available to millions of women in America without a co-pay. Now it's up to the Department of Health and Human Services to act on the IOM's recommendation.

Sign the petition below and tell HHS to act on the IOM's recommendation and require new insurance plans to cover prescription birth control with no co-pays — then spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you know who cares about women's health.
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