Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rebuilding the American Dream Meeting in Redmond Sunday, 7/17

Caution: Progressives at work.  Photo by author

.  I was fortunate to attend the American Dream house meeting in Redmond today.  It was great to sit down with many like minded and aware voters.  Rebuilding the American dream started a couple weeks ago with Van Jones headlining a 4 hour event that was available online.  Here is a 4 minute highlight that presents all the major points of Rebuilding the American Dream.

They have collected ideas from citizens all across the country.  Many of these ideas were evaluated online by thousands of individuals.  They came up with a list of 40 of the best ideas and it was those 40 ideas that we discussed and evaluated at the meeting.   I'm not sure how many meetings there were across the country but I'm guessing thousands.  I can't wait to see the tabulated results from all those concerned citizens. It's not to late to join the Rebuilding the American Dream.  Click here for the latest news, information and to join.

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