Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Iced tea glasses

these inexpensive 30 oz. colored glasses dwarf a traditional 8 oz glass
I'm an iced tea addict.  Iced tea is the perfect beverage, any time of the year.  We have an old Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker, its about our 4th one.  We have always had a hard time finding extra large glasses.  So, we're lucky to have found these U.S. made 30 oz. iced tea glasses at my local grocery store.  We love them, they hold 30 oz. of liquid and the scallop shape is easy to hold onto.   In addition, they just fit under the ice cube dispenser without tipping the glass and  repeated runs through the high heat dishwasher doesn't phase them.  I couldn't find them on the internet but they are made by U.S. Acrylic, LLC, Libertyville, Illinois and called "sonoma iced tea".  Inexpensive and unbreakable, made in the U.S.A.  
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