Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some politicians are trying to default on the American Dream

We need to stand up and let the congress know that cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not acceptable.  Especially when companies like GE pay 0 dollars in taxes and the most profitable companies on this planet, the oil companies get billion dollar subsidies.  The republicans created this huge deficit problem by two unpaid for wars, two unpaid for tax cuts, and a prescription drug plan that was similarly unpaid for.  Now the republicans after an 8 year spending spree want to stick the bill to the most vulnerable in our society.  Don't let them do it.  Click on the link and it will send an email to your congressional representative.

"For years, Washington politicians have run up the national debt with two unpaid-for wars and tax breaks for millionaires. But now that everyone is talking about how to reduce the debt, they want the middle class pay for it by cutting programs we paid for and depend on like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.1

That's not just wrong, it's an outrageous attack on the American Dream. And we need your help to stop it.

Congressional leaders are gathering on Sunday for another round of deficit talks, and the word is that Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare is on the chopping block, while tax cuts for millionaires are not.2 But no debt deal can pass without support from Congress, and that gives us a chance to change the debate, if you act fast:

Email your Representative right now and tell them that when it comes to reducing the deficit, they need to start by getting rid of  tax breaks for millionaires and cutting Pentagon spending, not social programs that hardworking Americans have already paid for.

Programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare didn't contribute signifigantly to the deficit and politicians shouldn't be able to treat them like a piggy bank so they can keep us at war or protect their wealthy donors. But that's exactly what Republicans in Congress have proposed. And unless somebody speaks up, they might get their way.

And this is where you, and your Representative, come in. No deal can get done without approval in the House of Representatives. And that vote is expected to be close, very close. So in the next 72 hours, leaders in both parties will be checking with every member of Congress to see where they stand. We can win if even a handful of our Representatives tell their leadership that a deficit deal HAS to include taxing millionaires and reducing spending on war and weapons - but CANNOT include cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Will your Representative be one of them? The only way to know is to ask: Click here to tell your Representative to tax the rich and cut Pentagon spending, not vital social programs."
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