Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paul Krugman scores with "The Cult that is destroying America"

This is a short but great read.  It seems  that I'm not the only one who feels the US media is failing in its job of delivering the full debt ceiling story, and the cuts/taxes battle.  Reminds me of their total incompetence during the Iraq war buildup.   If the civil war was today, would the press be just as equivocal and inane saying: those Northerner's just won't compromise with the South? 

The Cult that is destroying America
You have to ask, what would it take for these news organizations and pundits to actually break with the convention that both sides are equally at fault? This is the clearest, starkest situation one can imagine short of civil war. If this won’t do it, nothing will.
And yes, I think this is a moral issue. The “both sides are at fault” people have to know better; if they refuse to say it, it’s out of some combination of fear and ego, of being unwilling to sacrifice their treasured pose of being above the fray.
It’s a terrible thing to watch, and our nation will pay the price.

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